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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beyonce is a Damn Fool

In Honor of Black History Month, I'd like to dedicate my post to hating on Beyonce.

Beyonce I hate you.

It's funny 'cos now she keeps claiming that she draws inspiration from Fela...and I'm like since when? Lol now Fela is on Broadway and everybody wanna claim him... it's all good. Haha.

Umm Beyonce, since you love Fela so much, please be reminded that you're EXACTLY the kinda things he talked about that were wack about the system. You embody it all! Sell out oshi...

Our Fela "Teacher Don't Teach me Nonsense" was one of the first shirts we did here at one3snapshot way back before anyone thought of such a strange (but pretty cool) concept of a stage show, because art & social awareness is what we're about.  I wanna be like Beyonce here! can you read this? Can you please wear this? Can you please understand this? (lol don't knock my hustle).
I feel like a hypocrite because I'm working on this show ReVulvaLution which is all about exploring some of the issues that women have, one which is women hating on each other. I can't even believe that I'm writing this post. Because I try to have the if-something-is-rubbish-and-you-give-it-energy-by-saying-how-rubbish-it-is, then you're giving it attention and validating it's existence. But this one is so rubbish that it almost makes me laugh. I have this, I don't know if I'll call it a, love-hate relationship with Beyonce... it's more like a umm. Well here's the thing I appreciate some of her songs, I think single ladies & get me bodied are so cleverly arranged, and she's a hard worker and a pretty awesome entertainer.

As a black woman myself who's trying to do her thing, I admire some aspects of her, but in the same vein she irritates the fuck outta me. Sometimes I just wanna see her and spit in her face just a little bit like "You damn fool!!"

To me she's such a copier and a faker. She's irritated me since she said she was doing 'African dance' in the Baby Boy video with Sean Paul. I just can't explain what it is about how she does things that rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it's how she claims that she 'reinvents' herself and makes different characters when really all the time she's just a sexy blonde girl wanna be. Or how even though she's this 'strong black' woman she does not look like one and more and more is removed from that and messes everything up for the rest of us. Or the fact that she has the stereotypical American persona of capitalism and doing whatever it takes to make it to the top even if it's stiletto'ing your friends in the eyeball.

Chichi even blogged about this in 09 in response to this article
Why is a light skinned middle class Black woman from the suburbs of Houston perpetually singing about needing a baller when she made $87M in 07-08 and what role does this play in normalizing transactional relationships (money for sex) between young Black people? read more
I don't know how I can feel as angry at a 'black' woman  as I do some white/other knucklehead who appropriates our culture.

I just wanna be like BEYONCE SHUT THE FUCK UP and spit in her face. Lol. Gosh! Now she went and did these photos for the French Magazine, and the Blackface thing may not be the most irritating thing about the shoot... Like I can't decide if I'm more offended by that than by the stupidity and absolute wackness of the execution of the concept.

Now Get me bodied that. Idiot! *rolls eyes*


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Busy Bee

Damn. It's been a minute. *insert busy rant* Basically working and trying to live a sane life. Lots of fun and exciting new and old things going on.

Working on the production of ReVulvaLution a performing and visual art event that celebrates the power of women and girls
Creating new work for my dance projects D-Fuse & Whoa!
Working on some new designs for One3snapshot ...the Whimsical Warriors collection in honor of Women's History Month in March & International Women's Day...Coming Soon

Trying to stay healthy, could be better. Will be.