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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Saturday Sept 7 2013: Family & Community Jam

One3snapshot and AkatCafe Kalli
bring you Party to the People!
A interactive multicultural and inter-generational gathering where People from different cultural backgrounds can share their history through dance, music and storytelling. We hope this serves as a way to build community and sustain cross-cultural relationships in our neighborhoods. 

Songs, Movements & Story-telling will be guided by emerging and established artists and facilitators. Feel free to bring a song, rhythm, story or dance from your “people” to share. Also we will have some instruments on site, but bring some if you can.

This is a FREE all-ages event so bring the Babies, the Teens & the Grandparents and be ready to sing, play, dance and share. It needs you to make it happen. Don’t just watch. Party-cipate!

There will be food, beer & wine and kid-friendly snacks and beverages. And some REALLY GOOD coffee all for sale.

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