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Monday, June 27, 2016

BendDown-Select: The Oakland Edition

July 30 & 31 2016
Address and final times emailed upon RSVP
ourname at gmail dot com
or holla on the FB

clothes. jewelry. accessories. random beautiful worldly materials that you can have for free to cheap.99
drinks, eats and snacks as long as they last.

come. look. see. bend. select. go.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

One3snapshot at the Jack London Holiday Pop Up

4th Annual Holiday Pop-Up at Jack London Square on Friday, December 6th!
This free event will be inside the Pavilion (the former Barnes and Noble Building).

Come shop locally for the Holiday season. Buy your gifts for the holiday season from small businesses, creators and artists while enjoying the Holiday lighting of the Christmas tree at Jack London Square.

Music provided by:
DJ Nina Sol
Juan G.
Naima Shalhoub
Young Gifted and Black

Fun and games for the children too.

Parts of the proceeds benefit:
Youth Uprising
Young Gifted and Black
Oakland Grown


Sunday, October 20, 2013

50% of All Fela Apparel October 15-31

Over here at www.one3snapshot.com the FELABRATION is not over. For the rest of the month get 50% of All Fela Apparel. At these prices you gotta get them all!

Friday, September 6, 2013

King Culture Hats by Xaivier Ringer now on Sale

For a special introductory price, get these dope ass hats online. Truly one of a kind!

King Culture hats are one of a kind, hand painted hats designed to display a fusion of funk, hip-hop and street fashion. The artist and creator, Xaivier Ringer hails from Rome, GA by way of Boston and the SF Bay Area. King hats can be ordered (existing designs) or tailor made.

Get one of these NOW http://one3snapshot.bigcartel.com/

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Saturday Sept 7 2013: Family & Community Jam

One3snapshot and AkatCafe Kalli
bring you Party to the People!
A interactive multicultural and inter-generational gathering where People from different cultural backgrounds can share their history through dance, music and storytelling. We hope this serves as a way to build community and sustain cross-cultural relationships in our neighborhoods. 

Songs, Movements & Story-telling will be guided by emerging and established artists and facilitators. Feel free to bring a song, rhythm, story or dance from your “people” to share. Also we will have some instruments on site, but bring some if you can.

This is a FREE all-ages event so bring the Babies, the Teens & the Grandparents and be ready to sing, play, dance and share. It needs you to make it happen. Don’t just watch. Party-cipate!

There will be food, beer & wine and kid-friendly snacks and beverages. And some REALLY GOOD coffee all for sale.

More info & RSVP

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Story, Story... Story!

A hole is to dig and summer is for so that you can have time to read. I was waiting until after I was done with my wedding to settle in and get it in. The way my life is these days, I probably may only be able to get One in, and it will for sure be this....

Time for me to purchase my copy of Americanah by Chimamanda Adichie. I love all her books so far, and I know I'm late, but I can't wait to read this one. I just... gosh. Sometimes I wish I was her, or had the gift of telling stories of the African/Nigerian experience like she does, but really I'm happy that I am not her because that means I just get to read them.

On another note, can not wait for the Half of a Yellow Sun movie to come out. Although I don't think I will be able to watch it... It just may be too much.

On another note, One3snapshot.com should be getting a bunch of new items in online and stores alike, so be on the lookout

Monday, June 10, 2013

Do White Women Love White Women, Like I Love Black Women?

I have moments when I'm just like. OMG I love Black Women. Like intense Admiration. Pride, Joy, and just a feeling that they are the most beautiful beings on the planet in their natural and creative forms. To my white friends, do y'all ever have this feeling about your own. Real talk? Lol. I'm curious where it comes from when I feel like this, is it just an appreciation of myself because of the awareness of the shit that Black women deal with when it comes to image or what? So do you ever feel like "OMG, I LOOOVE White women, they are the most beautiful beings on the planet?"

 I feel like this is the case subconsciously and historically because then that is why we live in the world we do today with Western/European/White as the definition and guideline for beauty.

I know there are white women who think Black women are the 'most gorgeous beings' even going on to emulate style, habits, and aesthetics of Black women/culture (just as we black women do). But I am curious to know how the basic white woman sees beauty, or rather articulates her appreciation for it.

So White Women do you ever have this feeling that you are beautiful as a race in the pure essence of Whiteness a forethought and articulation, just like I do about Black women?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Kehinde Wiley | The World Stage: Israel

It's crazy how time flies and I'll look back and I'll see that my last post was in March...and it's May now. Just like that. Crazy. Coordinating hundreds of people to get ready for San Francisco Carnaval Parade. Planning a wedding. Getting used to holding down a family/household. Chasing a speedily growing baby who at 9 months is giving me a run for my no-money. Trying to maintain some level of physical and mental health. and on and on...

Ya it's spring time and my life is just that. Still, I am going to trying to check this out before it ends on May 27, the bills at the BART station has been catching my eye for months. I was firstly intrigued by this bright image (of course), but mostly drawn by the Yoruba twin name Kehinde....but was like wtf does a Nigerian first name with a non Nigerian last name, got to do with Israel... I was hella confused.

But I did my research and found out. And I'm there. Someone who's all about putting images of black men into the "high" class of art and culture. So the shi shi pinky up side of me thinks I ought to dress cute and get out to see this, and nod my head solemnly and ask my hubby what room he thinks one of these may look good in.

Read about it

Check this article about him in GQ

Friday, March 22, 2013

Chinua Achebe

Yesterday Mr Chinua Achebe, A Man of the People went to visit Chike and The River to explain How the Leopard Got his claws. As he was doing so, The Anthills of the Savannah started to bite him all over which made him No Longer at Ease. As he fought and fought, the situation only became worse and even put the boys and Girls at War. He thought he would still try to reason with them by playing The Flute, until he was struck by an Arrow of God. Achebe decided that he could not win this battle and realized this was the Trouble with Nigeria; it would always be filled with false Hopes and Impediment. He decided all he could do was walk away and watch all Things Fall Apart.

November 16, 1930 - March 22, 2013: Chinua Achebe RIP

An inspiration, motivation and a strong example that OUR stories should be told by US.