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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Art + Social Change: Turf Feinz for Oscar Grant

When people ask me what we (one3snapshot.com) are about; I can show them this video. Sometimes I get crippled with feeling like I can't do anything about the fkd up state of the world we live in. This is the kind of thing that keeps me going...

Monday, July 25, 2011

What Would the Heroine of my Summer Romance do?

I was just reading this harlequin romance novel of a woman who is as an exec of an ad/design agency that her father owns. She falls asleep on a late night at the office and dreams (time travels) herself back into the sixties to an ad agency where the women where 'horse corralled' in the typing pool; their only purpose to type and serve coffee to the men while dealing with taunts, jabs and lewd comments (being that they are subordinates) from the men. I'm not sure... because I don't watch it but I imagine it looked something like Mad Men? Anyway...the dream follows her as a love interest of the main boss of the ad agency while she 'fights' to increase the significance and relevance of the women in the ad agency.

I wonder what she would think about this ad...

Monday, July 18, 2011

I got Freshlyground (Video Post)

Okay I have to officially say that I LOVE summer! And this love has been growing slowly over the past couple of years as I get older. Sure when I was younger I loved school being out and having summer off to travel, but now as an adult I really APPRECIATE it. I feel so free and fearless and welcome the change in life that summer typically brings for me.

I'm not a fan of hot hot weather; so being in the Bay (although it's seemingly gloomy at the time) is perfect for me haha! One thing really exciting in the Bay in the summer is MUSIC. My appreciation for live music is becoming akin to an obsession (okay maybe not yet).  I really don't like big mainstream artist concerts where I-watch-a-screen-projector-and-imagine-that-the-artist/- is/are-actually-on-stage.

I love smaller venues: i.e. Brick & Mortar in SF especially when coupled with bands like the South African group Freshlyground. Thanks to my friend Eboni Senai for alerting me to this show. It was awesome! I remember them from 2003/2004 and was into them, then kinda just fell off the tracks, but seeing them got me juiced again. I knew they would be the kind of group I would love seeing live and they did not disappoint.
The sound at B&M was kinda shit that night, but FG pulled through and still rocked out! That combined with the fact that I went with some pretty cool people I adore...ah!

So sadly no pictures...like a dumb butt I didn't charge my camera battery and lost my spare so even though I ran into Zolani the lead vocalist and Kyla Rose, violinist in the bathroom...all I could do was be like 8yqygf98haaivbeuabvefrack!! I was so heated over how stupid I was not being prepared for a night out of music...

But on the flip side, sometimes it's better to just live the moment and not document it all the time. Hehe...

Exhibit A: @ 3:45

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Time!

We've been so busy enjoying the sunny sunny days of summer, this blog has been neglected. Check out some pictures from events we've participated in this summer. It isn't nearly half of what we've gotten into this summer because even though taking pictures are great, it's so easy to forget to enjoy living in the moment. Have a great summer...promise not to let the dust settle much longer around these parts!