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Monday, November 21, 2011

Black Out Oakland on Friday

In The Black: Blackout Oakland by shopping local on Black Friday.

Friday, November 25, 2011, 11:00am - 6:00pm.

14th Street and Broadway, downtown Oakland.

(Oakland, CA) Oakland in the Black is a holiday shopping and community festival on Black Friday to support local business profitability by helping downtown businesses stay in the black.  By supporting our locally owned shops and restaurants we can make a difference.

Centered downtown, a wealth of stores, vendors, pop-up shops along with restaurants and local food vendors plus art, live performances, and a fantastic roster of local DJs and musicians will be participating in the festivities. We encourage all downtown businesses, and all local businesses throughout the city, to join in and host an event or activity.

We have all heard about the smashed windows at stores such as Oakollectiv, Tully's, Dryclean Time and art stolen from Refa Senay at the Cathedral Building. These downtown businesses have been significantly impacted, suffering decreased business and even theft and vandalism. They stood in solidarity during the general strike. Now it's time to support them. The Occupy movement is committed to ending the strangle hold big finance and those that act on their behalf have on our systems. These businesses are our friends, our neighbors, and the 99%.  The best way to dismantle the corporate power structure is to create a sustainable local economy where we support each other and take back our community by walking our dollars into local stores.

We, along with other great community groups and other organizations such as Plaid Friday and many others, support the boycott of large corporations on Black Friday, traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year. The best alternative to camping out at Target or Best Buy is to come have some fun in the heart of our downtown.

Take back the holiday season, enjoy good food and music, be kind, be peaceful, shop for family and friends by spending our money where our hearts are with the wonderful folks who bring us joy and laughter. Come out and celebrate. Come out and hella love Oakland!

We are a small group of local residents, community members and shop owners, not an organization, volunteering our time and talents as a labor of love for our community.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sat. Nov 19 Catch Us If You Can

We will be at this awesome event TODAY. Stop by and say hello, and get some awesome gifts.
It’s here! The Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy Holiday Design Bazaar is SATURDAY, November 19, 2011, noon-6pm.

Join us at Harvey Milk for some excellent and unique gift ideas by local artisans and designers. You’ll find something for every budget and in a wide range of styles, AND you’ll be benefiting the arts programs at our school while you shop!

WHAT IT IS: Local artists and designers sell their wares and donate 25% of their sales for the day. (We will also have a ‘Harvey Milk’s Own’ table, with Spike’s Coffee, HMCRA t-shirts, and more)
PLUS: a booth on the value of arts education, DJs throughout the day, silent art auction, live drawing/sketch artists, activities for the kids (face painting, art projects, etc.), childcare, and yummy food!

WHY: The proceeds of the bazaar will go towards our developing visual and performing arts program. This event was created last year to provide Arts Education in every classroom. This year, a Visual Artist will provide 10 art classes to all 11 classrooms through SFArtsEd Artist in Residence program starting in January (http://sfartsed.squarespace.com/artists-in-residence/). Our dream is to raise enough money to not only fund our artist in residence, but also to bring back Performing Arts Workshop for creative movement and capoiera classes in the Spring.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Get 15% Off Fela Items In Our Store

Fela! will be in San Francisco tomorrow!! We are so excited we are having a sale on our Fela T-shirts Get 15% of all FELA T-shirts by using code FELAINSF. Also stop by Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy, Holiday Bazaar on Saturday to get more exclusive colors and styles of Fela shirts; makes a perfect holiday gift! http://one3snapshot.bigcartel.com/category/fela-products

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Jaguda.com Tee Pre-Sale

One3snapshot + Jaguda.com = some really Cool Shirts. Where my Naijas & Africans at? You know there's a little Jaguda in all of us...so rep it! And for the non-Africans...you too can REP this...because the phenomemon is global. Ask what it means...and I'm sure you'll agree! PRE-SALE on these shirts is happening right now... you can purchase at a lower price and have customized tee options before they go on sale for everyone!

Get your presale Jaguda.com tee NOW! Offer ends Thursday 11/17

Monday, November 7, 2011

Marissa Arterberry: Superhero Style Goddess

This is major cool! My friend Marissa Arterbery who really lives up to her name got featured in nymag's look book. She's one of few people whom my first time meeting them is very memorable. I remember she came up to ask me if I'd be interested in doing something for a zine she was working on at the time and I was thrilled. She also one of few people who really inspire me as a black woman to stay strong pursuing my various artistic endeavors. It's a bummer that she's in NY now (again!) but I guess that just means I have to go visit. :) Check out her tumblr.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Afro-Urban Dance Experience: First Class Down: Nov 1: Track List & Video Post

 For folks who don't know. I started teaching a workshop for Adults & Teens in San Francisco. I will be documenting and writing about some aspects of it. Join the fun!

The Afro-Urban Dance Experience: First Class Down: Nov 1: Track List & Video Post: I had the best time of my life teaching and dancing at the first class of the Afro-Urban Street & Club Dance workshop . I couldn't have ask...