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Monday, June 10, 2013

Do White Women Love White Women, Like I Love Black Women?

I have moments when I'm just like. OMG I love Black Women. Like intense Admiration. Pride, Joy, and just a feeling that they are the most beautiful beings on the planet in their natural and creative forms. To my white friends, do y'all ever have this feeling about your own. Real talk? Lol. I'm curious where it comes from when I feel like this, is it just an appreciation of myself because of the awareness of the shit that Black women deal with when it comes to image or what? So do you ever feel like "OMG, I LOOOVE White women, they are the most beautiful beings on the planet?"

 I feel like this is the case subconsciously and historically because then that is why we live in the world we do today with Western/European/White as the definition and guideline for beauty.

I know there are white women who think Black women are the 'most gorgeous beings' even going on to emulate style, habits, and aesthetics of Black women/culture (just as we black women do). But I am curious to know how the basic white woman sees beauty, or rather articulates her appreciation for it.

So White Women do you ever have this feeling that you are beautiful as a race in the pure essence of Whiteness a forethought and articulation, just like I do about Black women?