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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Now I'm a Terrorist

One of my favorite authors Chimamanda Adichie has a feature on TED discussing 'The Danger of a Single Story' Basically highlighting the point that its messed up that Africa to the rest of the world is pretty much a jungle of savages waiting to be saved by the blue-eyed white man.

If you're Nigerian you probably had Christmas day kinda ruined by hearing about the Nigerian man trying to blow up the Northwest Flight. If you're like me you probably also put your hand over your face, bent your head and sighed heavily. You could probably hear the sound of your heart beating faster thinking. "FUUUCCCKKK what does this mean for me now? What opportunities will silently get swiped from underneath me because of the simple fact that I'm Nigerian. Should I change my name? But I will always look Nigerian...(I get the "where are you from question ALL the time). Should I say I'm really Cameroonian not actually Nigerian?"

Maybe I'm exaggerating. Maybe I'm just tripping. Maybe my non-Nigerian friends won't judge me or look at me weird. But it sucks. It sucks because people do shit things all the time, but when it's a blackNigerianlatino person that will be the first word that comes with the headline.
Nigerian man starts fire....
Nigerian Scam...
Nigerian man kills wife...

Why is it SOOOO important that he's Nigerian, why is it so important to use that descriptor over and over and over and over again. I almost shot my self in the head from CNN being on for an hour. Ugh!

I never heard similar headlines beginning with "Whitecaucasian man blah blah blah..."

and so the stereotypes stack up

First I was selling my brothers to the white man
then I was chasing tigers naked and clucking my tongue in the back of my throat
then I was  writing letters to thousands of innocents citizens of scamming them out of their hard earned money
then I was chasing tigers naked and clucking my tongue in the back of my throat
Now i'm bombing damn planes!!

And the list goes on and on...

Maybe now people can change the insults 'jokes' they make about me upon being introduced to me as a Nigerian  "Oh you're Nigerian, are you gonna 419 me? Should I give you my bank account number?"

I wonder how they would feel if I went ahead and said
 "Hey you're white so you gonna put me on a ship and sell me to your grandpa who will then proceed to rape me and make me his slave whore?"



Monday, December 21, 2009

TGFFB (Thank God for Facebook)

So the other day I was talking to one of my besties Original Mgbeke

And since these days 50% of normal human conversation must include references to happenings on Facebook or Youtube, it was only natural that I was relaying stories based on Facebook... we talked and talked and finally I was like "OM come o, thank God for Facebook if not how we go know all these things wey dey happen in the lives of those 'important' to us.You know before I used to say how Facebook will get someone in trouble but now I think I need a moment to Thank Facebook!" And we both responded in unison "Facebook thank you oooooo!"

And then I was moved to continue my exploration into this phenomenon of giving thanks to Facebook:

I have a confession testimony. Before I used to be a dedicated member of the Evangelical Ministry of  FGRM "Facebook ga raputa mmadu" (Facebook can/will destroy a person) but now I have to tell you that I've been firmly converted to the West Division Religious Science Church of  'TGFFB' (Thank God For Facebook).

Now you may ask me Sister Danslayv, to what do you owe this life changing decision? And I will answer "Brothers and Sisters please be patient, I will tell you!"

Facebook has been the culprit of many drastic life altering situations. Situations which may have not occurred or at least been discovered if not for the existence of this famous infamous social networking tool. When I was in the FGRM church I would always utter the phrase "Facebook ga raputa mmadu" while clucking the back of my throat and shaking my head slowly. Other members of the congregation would too. I finally started seeing the light by discovering that things are all about perception. Sometimes in life though things may seem horrible they really are only blessings in disguise.

The following scenarios illustrate how things could be seen in different ways:

Scenario  1.  From Facebook you can find out that your 12 year old niece Ada is doing drugs:

Ada "Hussein" VamVam says : "tk A trIp thrU da wOrld of plAnts!! whOA!!"

You: *thinking in your head* "that's awesome my niece is so smart, looks like we have a Botanist in the making." and then you read the comments to her post

Amyo Pushamyn:  4 a certifiable pothead you sho can do a lot of 'shrooms girl!
37 minutes ago

There are two ways this can be viewed:

In the FGRM doctrine you would be like "OMG I can't believe my 12 year old niece is doing drugs" In the new church of TGFFB ...Well at least now you know a bong would be a perfect gift to get her for the holiday.

Scenario 2. From Facebook you can find out that the dude you're messing with is boinking other chics.
Dude You'reDating:  "Had a mindblowing love session last night...still recovering..."

You: *trying to be relevant and coyly acknowledge that you were part of that experience but you don't wanna put your business out there hard and seem like some kinda ho. So you figure something like a smiley face and ellipses... will do the job; It will be mysterious yet engaging.You can flirt with him and also make onlookers wonder. You wait a few minutes 'cos you don't want to seem like you're hella stalking his post...Finally it's time, you go to his page to reply and see:

Odachic Hebanged:  :)...
9 minutes ago

In the FGRM doctrine you would be like "OMG I can't believe this dude is messing with some other chic!"  In the new church of TGFFB ...Well at least now you know that it wasn't his sick mom he went to visit after he left your bed last night.

Scenario 3. Your brother gets tagged in a picture. It's one of him hospitalized with an IV and bandages on his head.

Afro Man was tagged in an album Mobile Uploads
6 hours ago

You *Almost have a heart attack, but catch yourself* Maybe this is from a play or movie my aspiring actor brother is involved in. *you click comments to research and you see*

Ashley Ripa: 'm gonna 2  to church on sunday.... thank god u still alive....
06 January at 10:50 · Report

06 January at 10:52 · Report

Big Bully Ed Eddie: Yo Nigga them bitches (not niggas cos only a bitch would try to take some nigga for his money we got yo back you gon be good thank god you still with us. you gotta watch the fools around you at all time ya feel me ma nigga. fuc dem niggas who tried to bring you down i mean bitches cos dey sum bitches.
06 January at 10:59 · Report

In the FGRM doctrine you would be like "OMG I can't believe my brother is hospitalized!"  In the new church of TGFFB ...Well at least now you know that your brother almost died and you didn't know.

4. From Facebook you can find out that your Best friend is moving to a foreign country

Best Friend:  Virgin Airlines has some really nice seats yo! Can't wait to get this journey started
You: huh?

Comments on her status updates:

Ashley Ripa: 'have a safe trip girlie. I need to plan a trip out there. miss ya
2 minutes ago

3 minutes ago

Big Bully Ed Eddie: chi ching chung. damn you wuz fo real going to asia. u cool.
5 minutes ago

In the FGRM doctrine you would be like "OMG I can't believe my best friend is going to fucking China and I don't know about this!"  In the new church of TGFFB ...Well at least now you know that your best friend doesn't consider you important enough to tell you a life altering decision such as moving to a foreign country.

So you see my dear friends there are two sides to every Facebook story. It can get you in trouble but it can also make you realize how other people function. To support my claim I have testimonies from some members of the TGFFB eastern chapter about how Facebook changed their lives.

Lovina Adebobi said:
"I am a 30 year old woman and have been dating this man for 3 years in an LDR. I knew we would be getting married and had already started making plans to move to the state that he lived in. I had talked to my job about leaving and given my apartment notice. One day I logged in to facebook and someone had tagged him in a picture. It was a picture of him a woman, 2 children and a baby. In the comments everyone was congratulating them on their new baby and saying how they had such a beautiful marriage that had lasted for 2 years. My family members kept saying FGRM...and I felt like my life was over, Facebook had destroyed my life. But now that I think about it TGFFB because now at least I know."

Clifford Rumptin said:
"If not for everyone's status updates. How else would I have known that Micheal Jackson was dead? I was able to quickly turn it around and promote my MJ parties and make T-shirts. I don't even like MJ... now I'm rich biatch!"

Do you have a life changing story about how Facebook changed your life? If you do please share with us.

Sister N

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reader's Digest

I've been reading a lot of op-eds lately that have got me thinking...
This NYT article about how race factors into employment more so in the recession saddened me but made more determined to do what I can to make a meaningful difference. We individually do a lot of volunteer work on and off our day jobs, for instance, N works for an after-school youth program. That right there is affecting the lives of young people. Though the day-to-day activities could be tasking, I know that some of the things she says to some of the kids will stick with them for years to come. Among other things, she's involved with Loco Bloco who by the way, are putting on a fund raising event, so if you're in the Bay Area you should look into it. Over the years for me, I have basically looked for opportunities where I can work with kids and technology. I currently volunteer through a women-techies program to introduce middle school girls to engineering, I've coached for FLL, tutored high school kids for a math competition and I've been toying with the idea of teaching a financial literacy class though Girls Inc.

Back to the point I was trying to make, after reading that article and some of the comments, I am thankful I volunteered to be on my company's recruiting team we need more empathetic people to be involved in the recruiting process. I truly believe that it is so important to find ways to pay it forward when you have landed that job unfortunately not enough people do that and how easy it is to forget that you were once on the outside looking in.

I'm a part-time lurker at Racialicious and it was from there I got put on to Model Minority, she has written so many thought-provoking pieces that resonate with me, none more than this piece on Beyonce. I am not the biggest Beyonce fan, I'll listen to a song or two of hers when it's on the radio but you will be hard pressed to find any of her music in my mp3 player or doing her dances enthusiastically in the club. Most days I can half-intelligently explain to folks why I do not like her. All I have been able to say to people in my conversations about her is there is something disturbing about knowing that some dude can mute his tv and jerk off to your music video and you don't care because the numbers in your bank account increase exponentially every year. Some points that I have noted for future use which M.Dot points out are:

Why is a light skinned middle class Black woman from the suburbs of Houston perpetually singing about needing a baller when she made $87M in 07-08 and what role does this play in normalizing transactional relationships (money for sex) between young Black people?
...that's all folks, and now, back to the grind...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I remember my sister and her friend practicing shaking their booties because they wanted to be Fela dancers. It's crazy that he is gone but his music and legacy still lives. I read this review of the broadway musical Fela! and the pictures reminded me of when I saw Femi Kuti in concert a few years ago. That was pretty amazing! I thought it was the closest you can get to seeing the real Abami Eda deal; but it looks like this musical may just be a little closer...
Source: NYT
- C

Saturday, November 21, 2009

c.u.r.r.e.n.t ( in this moment)

  • fruit obsession: Persimmons &; Pomegranates
  • reading: Immortal: Love Stories with a Bite. not because that's the kinda shit I pick up to read, but because I'm doing a 5 for 5 book exchange with a teen (we read/finish at least 5 books given by the other). Apparently that's all teenagers read/watch these days: poorly written stories about the undead.
  • song stuck in my head: Yori Yori by Bracket; Poison by Bill Bev Devoe; My Name by Lhasa De Sela
  • creative project: Earrings for myself & friends, Dance piece for my Pocos Locos dance class, invitation cards for a teenager's baby shower 
  • coordinating project: Loco Bloco's 2010 Blocura Gala
  • favorite place to be: on a plane away from here
  • event: the classic house party that i threw with like 10 other people last weekend; Nneka @ Cafe Du Nord (pics coming soon)
  • pet peeve: none
  • social justice outcry: ...
  • general mental state: oppressed bliss
  • random happening: walking out of the BART station in Berkeley with my friend, and getting vocally harassed by a bunch of young black boys; the weirdest thing was they almost let us go all the way through without saying anything to us (phew) but then as soon as I thought we would make it, they started out talking to us, and got exponentially louder and messy the further we got away. strange.
  • current one3snapshot tee i can't stop wearing: Charcoal gray "Frida" Tee with neck line cut off
  • social networking site: okcupid.com
  • online destructive habit: reading live EVERY live feed update on fb (i do only have 200 'real & close enough' friends)
  • all time destructive habit: orderings crafting supplies on amazon & other sites so I can feed my obsession about receiving packages in the mail
  • pics: 
these are my obssesssionnssss

one3snapshot is now available at artillery apparel gallery in the mission @24th

some gooooodd sweet potato & pear pie (that my friend made) with plain yogurt on top.: nutritious and tasty
jars of applesauce from an apple-sauce making workshop with kids & families

bye bye

Monday, November 9, 2009

What's White Gotta do with it?

Okay so I checked my email this morning. and this link: 'we don't need another anti-racism 101' was sent to my by a friend . who is white (keep reading ). So I read it. And it felt like someone had finally put a period at the end of a sentence I've been trying to put together for a while. I used to write a lot. Now...I just sleep-think. My most passionate moments are when I wake up in the morning; I've spent all night reflecting on something, and it finally clicks when I wake up. I haven't been writing as much due to various reasons. So now most of my thoughts on world views are chucked up to individual conversations with a handful of people that I feel comfortable going there with.
I have a lot of strong opinions, but I also am such an emotionally private person that I run far as hell away from discussions about these things. Because I feel so strongly about them that I just chuck these conversations to one on ones discussions with a few people in my life, and for a while now there's basically been one person who I really can go there with.

I've been thinking. Maybe I should try to verbalize more. Maybe I should try to start writing more. I'm struggling, with the whole thing.

All this to say:
I read that post. And if you look at the comments you'll see a typical response from me. From my comment you can't tell anything about me or what I think. That's me, that's what I do. I am so filled with thoughts but I'll say something mundane because I can't go there. But then I started reading all other comments and sitting and thinking, and so I went back and started writing a comment, and it got hella long, so I was like umm Blog post!! and here is my response. It's maybe not really a response more like me  thinking out loud...
Right now in my life about half of my close and intimate friends are white. This is hard. Why? Because these are people that I've shared personal experiences with and have grown to love. But also people who I find myself in lots of conflict with simply based on their skin color and what it perpetuates in society.  I start to question if I should have certain people in my life based on my formal values & their informal actions. i.e. Should I take a firm stand and say "I'm not going to be friends with you anymore because you're a white person that did xyz, or doesn't do abc"? Even though you're a human being that has pretty much the same formal values as I do. I mean I can't divorce my family (biological & acquired) members because of values & beliefs, actions that differ from mine, so should I do this to some simply because they are white?

I guess I could... it's my choice.

I'm in a group of 'artists' where I'm one other person of color. I am constantly struggling with my role in the group, how much time/energy/soul I should put into resolving conflicts or highlighting certain issues? I've gotten the blame feedback sometimes that I don't bring issues up; and I should try to be more vocal about issues that I observe. As if it were my sole responsibility to realize that certain actions are 'racist' (this being a general term)and try to redeem people from these actions.


Okay I've brought it up. It's said. It gets discussed. Nothing gets done about it. It happens again and again.

Is it my place to be the secretary and timekeeper for a bunch of white people who obviously really don't care in the first place? Should keep harping on how I'm being wronged? "C'mon guys remember we talked about this! C'mon guys what are we gonna do about you all carrying out racists behaviors & situation? C'mon guys let's do something, remember we had that three-hour long meeting about it?"

I think the thing I have the hardest time with is. I tell this white person my  problem. They don't ask me how they can help me. Maybe I tell them. But they ignore it, and they come up with a grand plan of how THEY think my problem should be solved, or what they think I need to get or do to solve my problem. But when it comes down to getting grimey and following through with what I need and what I decide and how I see it needs to get done. Instead we get wrapped up in rhetoric and I forget what the fuck it was I was talking about in the first place. That's the shit that drives me crazy.

I am tired of being the token black person whom the white man employs to make themselves feel better about how 'anti-racist' they are. There has to be a better way.

no pictures.

just ramble,

Friday, November 6, 2009


The Vietnamese restaurant down the street from my job knows me. My voice over the phone and everything. Okay so I pretty much order the same thing all the time, and before I'm done, she'll say "(my name) right?". So the other day I changed up my order. I'm like "may i get some curry chicken over rice?" she asked "what's your name?" and when I said it she was all confused, sounded stunned and was like err err. And I said. "Ha I changed it up you!" I think I threw her whole day off. Haha! That'll teach her.

Other random shit
  1. Coming soon: not that awesome Pics & Video Clips from Loco Bloco playing in San Francisco's Dia de Los Muertos Celebration in The Mission (highlights include me doing a dance inviting a police van to run me over, because I wouldn't move outta the way).
  2. I'm gonna celebrate Sadie Hawkins Day this year. Like hardcore. I'm gonna gather some other girlfriends and get it popping. Maybe next year I'll even throw a party. Holla if you down.
  3. I need a spa day.

random post. random pics

i've been on an earring making frenzy. i swear i'll be making them and not eatphckorsleep
outtakes from ZARA's flyest video shoot. that was a styling collaboration with one3snapshot & cocoacentric (yeah I styled those 'butlers')

outtakes from ZARA's flyest video shoot. that was a styling collaboration with one3snapshot & cocoacentric (ZARA herself rocking the 'You never Imagined I'd make it this far Tee'..., 'cos in a bit we won't have imagined it)

random cocktail hour, cos sometimes you should just rock your shades and sip som'n

the end,

Saturday, October 31, 2009

My So Called Entourage Life

Okay so somehow I'm dreading this Halloween weekend. Not because of scary masks and bloody clothes, but because there is a lot going on. Last weekend was hectic fun. Checked out some classes from Congo week out in Oakland, 90s birthday party & Dj Mpenzi's Major @ Somar Bar.

Saturday went by to check out Muisi-kongo Malonga & Regina Califa teaching a Congolese dance workshop at Malonga. It was fire, I just watched because I slacked and went hella late, but it gave me so much satisfaction cos it was mad beautiful seeing the dancing and drumming...I think I was in a trance. And I love Regina so it made my day just watching her do what she does best. Bought some ginger juice & hibiscus from the GEENjerrrr Jooose woman and then attempted to find a place to get some ethnic mid-priced decent meal. This turned out to be more of a task than we predicted....everything half decent in a 4-5 block radius was closed. I was wanting for some Ethiopian, 'West African', Thai or Vietnamese...something with a little grease & flava. Downtown Oakland dining on a weekend = dead. I was so pissed off because I had this fantasy of like just puttering around the city discovering corners & crevices...but all I ended up with was the option of panda express, quiznos, burger king, subway or church's chicken. i won't even say what I ended up eating... I was mostly mad because I may as well have gone home and cooked or eaten at the places in my neighborhood. but i had my fantasy and by the time we had hella walked around we were so hungry we settled. i felt sick after.

Went to my friend Nic's 90s birthday party @ Cafe Amsterdam. Mehn it had been a minute since I've been out in SF, and it kinda reminded me a bit about when all my Bay Friends hadn't deserted me and move to LondonItalyEcuadorFranceJapan...and we used to 'run that town' lol. Okay saturday night was HILARIOUS, that's all I gotta say. Was kicking it with my loved folks, we went through the routine dance dance, get some greasy ass but good ass pizza at 1:30am, then why did we post up in the car watching people on the sidewalk for like 40mins making up theories about why they were there, and who they were trying to do. FUN night.

got a bunch of projects (coming soon on the website) & domestic work done. then went out again to Somar Bar for Dj Mpenzi's birthday party and mix cd release. Mehn. Okay so 90s music was the theme for the weekend...I'm dating myself, but it was bananas fun. I relived my glory days as danceslave... lol. Okay not quite but I did dance much especially when Mpenzi did what he did and threw in some African, Brazilian and Latin classic floorfillers.

All this to say...all of Monday I had the biggest migraine & eye falling out ever. I'm too old for this or something. It was fun weekend but I paid for it.

sooo I'm dreading this weekend 'cos there's a lot going on and I may just end up doing like I do and say feck it, and stay home posted up.

We'll see.

A few pics from Nic's 90s Birthday Party @ Cafe Amsterdam in SF by my dear friend Kola Shobo and one stolen from another friend.



PEACE & Chicken Grease!!!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Taxi!! Taxi!!

Oh my gosh. So I can be seen randomly championing a black cause and hating on white people. But I have to say I am relatively sheltered and naive about certain realities that apply to Black people in the United States, even as a Black person myself (possibly more on this in a way in the future post).

So a teenage black boy at my job asks for a taxi number. I absentmindedly reel off a 333333 number to him. A few minutes later he walks out the door and seconds later walk backs in like "shit what the #@!* that mofo drove off..."

I was distracted browsing facebook (of course) so it took me a few seconds after my coworker started laughing for things to register...

and i was like "what..? what?"
and it clicked
..."the driver left?"

and he replies "yeah"...
I say to the boy "Oh maybe you should have taken that black hoodie off..."

My coworker goes "yeah right! I tried to catch a cab the other day and I was dressed sharp too!! Cab driver drove OFF! They don't like black people, you see me I dress nice all the time. He did not care! As soon as he saw I was black he was gone!"

My mouth agape. "You lying!"

He goes on to say "I already had the car door opened and everything, that cab driver turned around and was like no no no and next thing I knew he was gone!"

This whole time my co-worker is laughing relaying his story, but I know he's not making it up.

I on the other hand really I'm floored. I mean I've heard all the jokes about how a black man can't get a cab. Shoot I've even had difficulties finding cabs in the wee hours in Oaktown. Eight or more cab companies in a row have hung up on me when I rattle off a certain address.

But somehow I have been in this cocoon. I thought this is 2009. This is San Francisco... Somehow I just always thought it was a joke that the Funny Black Man sure banks on for laughs while he's on stage.

Somehow...it never made say "damn" with my head hung low.

Speaking of Black Men... Here's some photos from one Black man who's doing things. Suru is a clothing line from Baba Afolabi; he introduced us to it 20 days ago on October 2 in Downtown Oakland. Photos by Kola Shobo

Suru Introduced

das all,


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Buuuuuy Chocolateeeee. One One Dollaaaaar!!

One of my kids at my job asks me if I want to buy some chocolate that she's selling.
She's a black girl about 7 years of age.

I hesitate...
for a couple of reasons.

I am supposed to be promoting healthy lifestyles and so have to role model. Of course one chocolate bar is fine once in a while, but I have to keep a clear message.
I want to know why she's selling the candy.

So I ask her.

Our convo goes as so:

"Why are you selling candy?"
"So I can win something?"
"I know, you'll win something, but why are you selling the candy?"
"So I can finish this box and get another one."
"I know...I know...but what's the candy for?"
"For my teacher, I'm gonna give her the money"
"I- never mind, well I don't have a dollar right now, I work at the ___, you know I'm broke."

On the Flipside. Here's are a few favorite shots from Bacchanal de Afrique 2 captured by Kay S Jay Photography. Hella late, but you know what they say!!

that's it


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Abeg let us get down into another "Underground Spiritual Game" as we celebrate the life and Music of the "Abami eda" himself. Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Air Lounge (Oakland CA) is the place. October 14 is the date. Time, 10:30 and we shall welcome his presence at 12 o'clock on the dot (His birthday Oct 15th)

October 14
Air Lounge
492 9th St, Oakland

Saturday, October 3, 2009

BLO Bringin' the Love: w/ Loco Bloco & Charming Hostess

Because you BLOw our minds, we want to show love to our community by
thanking you and celebrating with our friends Charming Hostess & Loco Bloco.

Help us continue our community work by coming out, dancing and donating to
the work of the Brass Liberation Orchestra, now in our 7th year! From the
Balkans to Brazil... we will be bringing you Love!!

Show starts at 7pm with Charming Hostess and the Brass Liberation Orchestra
bringing you onto the floor with their beguiling melodies.

From 9pm we will make LOUD with Loco Bloco and the Brass Liberation
Orchestra combining forces to BLOW your Mind. Bring your dancing shoes!

DJ Dance Music Follows: Afro Urban, Dancehall, Brazilian. Party until 12am!

Support us and Have Fun... Bring the Love!!

Thursday October 8, 2009
El Rio Bar
3158 Mission St San Francisco
$5-$20 sliding scale
RSVP http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/event.php?eid=140163942670&index=1

Thursday, October 1, 2009

White People Wonder

sigh okay.

* hater alert*

so there's this youtube video of this cute white girl 'Elyvna' dancing to coupe decale.
I've had this video posted on my FB profile page so many times, or tagged to posted links of them. There's a couple reasons for this...those who know me well enough know that I am a decale head. Like that's all I pretty much listen and dance to (although I'm moving away from that now, another story for another day).

Okay so back to the video. I'm hella mad that there's 362 comments and 113 thousand comments. Lord, okay so she's cute... she's getting it. I watched the video the first time and was like "whoa it's weird cos I think she's more of a mimic genius than a good dancer". As someone who's watched the Jessy Matador video too many time to count, I'm thinking her rhythm is a bit odd/off but her execution of the movements are spot on.

Okay so to my main point. How come when white people do something that we ('colored' folk) do everyday, then all of a sudden they become the shit for it?

Drives me crazy.

lol.. i had to get that off my chest after this convo with my friend i was like alright this is a blog post...

me: that white girl coupe decale is still 'viraling'...it's crazy
facebook doesn't really make the world that small after all
friend: I think "spreading" is an appropriate term.
me: how come my friends are still posting it...lol
friend: "viraling" doesn't make sense. clearly none of them read what you post....
me: lmao. well i'm saying so it's like i haven't posted the video
but hella people have posted and like tagged me on it, or like drawn my attn to it or post it on my page.
friend: 'cause they know you are a white girl?
me: lol mostly it's like especially now that fb is like twitter'ish
no one reads anyone's page. and i keep seeing oooh look at this awesome best dancer
friend: you should be glad that they know you are the originator of coupe decale
me: lol. as if. like there's black kids tearing it up now the white girl is famous
friend: can we get her to dance something about healthcare?
me: for real
friend: well, to be fair, i think the reason the video is intriguing is that it seems so out of place for her to be doing it and she is concentrating so hard
me: lol that's what i'm saying and you're saying but not what most pple are saying
friend: but of course there is a deeply prejudice sentiment underlying that
me: decale is still a novelty to mainstream so most people don't even have a context
to be like she's just copying not creating
you gonna attach a video comment with the real deal?
me: lmao i'm not the best decale'er...which is my point
friend: oh, I didn't mean you, someone else
me: there's whole countries of hungry African kids ripping it and we not rich enough to video them (lol)
friend: If only all those starving African kids had laptops so they'd be able to share in rich cultural exchange that is you tube...

And of course responses to this will be whatever. I'm a hater (what's new?) but it's not about the girl so much as the responders to the video. That's who I got beef with.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spare the Child & Reinvent the Rod

Okay so I just had this crazy dream, and it made me upset in the dream and all the way to waking up. It's fuzzy but I remember a raging party of adults... an event i think maybe Zara's Flyest Video premiere or something (lol I swear). So this party is going strong and crazy...fun for me until... there's this little boy no older than 8 years, dressed shabbily with an abstracted but distraught look in his eyes that comes through the throng of people, carrying a bucket on his head laden with alcoholic beverages.

He's the servant/houseboy


I'm immediately filled with rage and sadness at the same time. It makes me think of how I think the idea of using kids as indebtured servants and damn near slaves in some cases is so messed up. I think of situations where kids are brought to people's homes to clean, cook, take care of other kids they are not much older than, and then all in all misused and abused.

This made me MAD!

What the hell are we thinking? How can we go through life in any kind of good moral thinking state and participate in this?...I am filled with guilt as I think of my family's participation in this.
No matter how "nice" or "supportive" you are of your slave -ahem- houseboy. That shit is fucked up. Stop it!

If you want a helper hire someone who is not a CHILD. If you want to help another family out by 'taking their kids off their hands' then take the child in, and treat them like you would your child...no strings attached but the expectation of success from that child and their family.

Gosh! *breathe Nk....breathe*

Speaking of child abuse and all...
segue into Staceyann Chin's 'The Other Side of Paradise'... Chin's memoir of growing up in Jamaica, being abandoned by her mother, being raised by her grandmother and then separated from her, struggling to survive despite various forms of abuse, finding her father and finally coming out. It's honest, revealing and very very brave. To be able to just tell about yourself like that, and risk the feelings of shame about where you are from and what you done.

I give it 4 stars (most on amazon give it 5) because I feel like something was missing at the end. it ended too soon...like i had been wrapped and caressed for a long time, and then quickly discarded like a used tampon.

2 things.

I don't think I could ever write a memoir because I don't think I could ever be that honest to anyone about my life past or present

I've come to the conclusion that I love books with lots of vernacular in them. I think that's going to be what I'm doing now. my thing. reading books with vernacular.

alright. that's it for now.
over & out


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Featured Guests at Bacchanal de Afrique Sep 20

Here's some info about the Featured artists at the next Bacchanal de Afrique event. More to descriptions to come.

KPFA Africa Today is our recipient for this event.
Africa Today with Walter Turner
Mondays 7 pm - 8 pm

A weekly news program providing information and analysis about Africa and the African Diaspora. Africa Today seeks to update listeners on contemporary developments in Africa, the Caribbean, South America, and the United States. The program utilizes an interview and discussion format to explore political, social, economic, and cultural themes relative to the African experience.

Jonita Rose
Celeste- Celestrial Healings
Denise Wallace
Brass Liberation Orchestra
Semaj the Poet
Prentice Powell
Eugene Young
Dania- Fluffy Jo
Kay S Jay Photography

Denise Wallace is a triple threat. The singer/dancer/poet is a tremendously talented and ambitious young woman who resides in Oakland, California. Since 2007 she has performed with the Hip-Hop group 40Love and their world-renowned live band The Park. As a dancer she has been a part of Axiom Dance Company as well as Bay Area dance company Funkanometry, with whom she has toured and competed in Hip-Hop festivals and dance events throughout California. Wallace has been able to unify poetry and performance as a means of social empowerment. Denise is currently a part of the poet mentor/high school visit program in Youth Speaks, a program that promotes social engagement through oral literacy in high schools and helps to apply the voice of change and social awareness at after school workshops for youth. Denise incorporates her art in the communities of the bay area as a form of activism. Denise is a Therapeutic Arts and Enrichment Specialist at the Edgewood Center where she works with foster children coming from emotional traumatic circumstances and uses literacy as a tool for their personal development.

Since honing her skills on the job, Ashiko has contributed percussion to the play Fredrick Douglas Speaks held at the Malonga Casquelourd Arts Center in Oakland, and backed up acclaimed singer and early civil rights activist Hope Foye at Yoshi’s in San Francisco.
Ashiko's CD: Soul Sistah For My Folks…The Journey Here evolved out of a poetry collection. Combined with deep grooves and hip-hop beats reminiscent of her own Djembe, Conga and hand drum work, Ashiko’s observational verses cover everything from finding the “real thing” to honoring her ancestry in the title track, to finding a sultry alternative to violence on “Black Love.” “Love is the answer, love is everywhere and available in the world,” she says, explaining the CD’s recurring theme. “If we can just claim a piece of it, our lives will change.”

The Brass Liberation Orchestra (founded in 2002) is a musical group of brass, reeds and percussion that plays music to support political causes with particular emphasis on peace, and racial and social justice. We are a work in progress. We work to build a multigender/multiracial/multigenerational group that enhances and strengthens the culture of the Left.

Air Lounge
492 9th St, Oakland

Outdoor Patio
Live music & performances, Art & Fashion exhibit, Vendors, African inspired eats & cocktails

Urban Vintage, Tede Zerhioun, Jonita Rose, Brass Liberation Orchestra, One3snapshot, Cocoacentric & More

Cover: Donations
Proceeds benefiting KPFA Africa Today

Video from Bacchanal de Afrique: Party to the People!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Work and Play

So for Labor day weekend C and I started on our visit-as-many-top-American-cities as-we-can for 'business' and/or pleasure.

This time we picked Seattle (or the general area that is).

Our trip was cool. Glad we went.

We got to kick it with lots of Nigerian Microsoft kids, and we got to attend 2/3 days of the bumbershoot festival (we had 3-day passes) which was a primary motivation to making our stop at this here city at that there time. We didn't really get to do as much touristy/exploring things as we had planned (as C may have liked).

day 1.

Let's say I'm not a fan of the outskirts/suburbs areas of Washington, and probably I could only live in Seattle (or close) and may not be able to afford it. That was the only part that I was able to swallow. The 'burbs with all it's 300 unit one-color paint is sooo not my thing. I need culture, contrast and color in my life. At least in the Bay you can go outside of San Francisco (east as far as Oakland or south; Daly city & co) and still have like some culture & color.

We started out with a work session. Got a bunch of work done between the both of us...and then headed out to our planned exploration, a la space needled, pike market, downtown shopping and what not.

One thing that may have hindered our exploring was the fact that... Ha ha, okay funny story. We are on our way...C driving, N navigating. I tell her to make a turn this here right. She starts yelling 'OMG OMG OMGod!' I'm freaking out like 'What what', never mind if you can't make the turn just keep going we can backtrack' Finally after she stops screaming she tells me that when she tried to brake, the car kept accelerating. This happened two more times. So we made our first stop and decided that we would risk it back 'home', but not go anywhere else after this.

Come to find out the reason that was happening was cos the emergency brake had been up the whole time. Yeah! But by then we'd pretty much just whiled away time and given up on our exploring the city. So we ended up going out to dinner with a bunch of Microsoft kids who were gracious enough to hang out with us even though they were pretty much meeting us for the first time. A few microsoft kids were clowning on C about her prehistoric phone, talking about it looks like a phone from the Flinstones. I, of course had the decency at this point to leave mine in my purse and just join forces to have my girl C's back... whatever i'm not gonna get a fancy phone. sue us.

We then headed over to Seattle's First Friday (the black people kind)...did some yahoo yahoo moves to get in....and had the time of our lives: Which included C winning a salsa dance competition. LMAO. C... she who does not know the first basic move in any Salsa or ballroom/partner/latin related dance. This is a whole blog entry on its own...but you just had to be there, so I'll let the story go...

day 2.
Bumbershoot fest
First we saw this dope Taiko drum/dance/singing group that had me at the edge of my seat the whole performance: COBU. Then on to De la Soul but got turned off by the maybe thousand or more people... 90% whom were probably 18 or younger. Why did De la Soul come out asking "I want you to think of where you were when you first heard this song 3 feet high and rising." I'm looking around like ummm their parents hadn't even kpanshed at this point, shoot some of their parents hadn't even been BORN. So our whole plan to like be up front and wink wink at them, and probably get to kick it backstage and promote one3 was shot to sheeet, when we found ourselves backed up like crazy. We tried to squeeze through, but after a while it was like ...okay I feel old and irritated, so after two songs we headed out. When we finally got some air and kicked it in the outskirts it became fun, especially when I started wilin' out with the oldest and latest dance moves. 4 songs or so into my madness we really kicked rocks...bed time!

day 3
We flaked on going to see Rafael Saadiq, cos I had lazed around all-day (dvr is the devil especially when you're like me and you barely have a tv with antenna). So we just kicked it, visited and networked... see Sikulu and then had an 8-course dinner cooked by me and my sous chefs which included: Mac & Cheese, Yams, Fried Chicken, Pan-Fried Tofu, Rices & Blackeyepeas, Fruit Salad, Greens, Kale salad, Grime virgin cocktail & some store bought red velvet cake.

day 4.
The last day of Bumbershoot was probably the day that made it all worth the money. First off we already were like "okay we're not gonna be no punks, we will be at the front for any show we wanna see." Most of the folks that came through with us today wanted to see Blackeyed Peas but I was cool off them...I'm thinking okay De la Soul was that packed, I can't imagine how BEP would be... so I just wandered around with C and closer to the end of their set we made our way in. craziness. how can you be at a show and you're looking like "is that ant on stage fergie?" at the end of it, i stopped faking the funk and let loose and started dancing...then we headed out.

about 30-40mins before Janelle Monae came on, C and I were there looking at them setting up. She was cool. Very interesting performer. Tiny human being. Her guitarist is very fun too look at... we were hella mad though cos somehow we ended up on the side of the crowd that she didn't favor, not only did she always perform towards the OTHER side, she crowd surfed AND threw the live painting canvas she did on that side too. Not fair Monae not fair!

We then waited for Vieux Farka Toure (yeah the one with the famous father) which was cool, it was definitely an older hippier crowd...funny and fun to watch people dancing. Toure's music was a good way to end the day. Part way through his performance we headed to see Youth Speaks Seattle and Staceyann Chin...(I HAD TO). So glad we did, I love Staceyann, she makes me laugh and cry and burp and fart all in one move. Bought her book "The Other Side of Paradise" (loving it so far, will let you know how it goes), got it signed.

peaced out.

and we're back home to reality. to the daily grind of day jobs and more events and what not. Got vid clips and pics will try to get those up asaaaaap


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Watch this Space

Culture, Politics, Fashion, Music, People and everything in between will be let all out!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

2 more weeks to the Next Bacchanal

Okay we're fin1alizing our performer lists....we have artists and vendors and people and OMG it's going to be so fun. Here's the new flyer for the upcoming ones. Will be back with more info... TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

eYE caNDy!

Check out photos from the last Bacchanal de Afrique party at Air Lounge in Oakland.
Presented by Kay S Jay Photography, Cocoacentric & One3snapshot.com

Check out slideshow!

To view photos click here:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The next Bacchanal de Afrique

The next Bacchanal de Afrique

Sunday Sept 20, 2009
Air Lounge: 492 9th St, Oakland
5pm-9pm 21+

Outdoor Patio
Live performers
African inspired eats

For performer & inquiry contact one3people@gmail.com
For vendor & art exhibit contact tossielong@msn.com
For fashion exhibit contact slykay@gmail.com

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bacchanal THANKS!!

Kay S Jay Photography, Cocoacentric & One3snapshot
with Air Lounge, Dj Billy T & Beja Designs

Want to thank you for coming out! While still trying to recuperate from yesterday's event (and planning the next one) we are basking in the beauty of seeing and celebrating with you all. This event would not have happened without the performers, assistants, collaborators & attendees.

Continue your support of our proceeds recipient Priority Africa Network by visiting priorityafrica.org


Models: Sierra Makai, Obiamaka Eke, Natasha Robinson
Makup Artist: Shakira

Sierra Makai (again… lol)
Loco Bloco: Antwan, Angelica, Alma, Aleks, Jasmine, Pete & Nkei
David Meletiche
Jeff Giaquinto (Brass Liberation Orchestra)
Olayimika “Dodoyie” Sosimi

Special thanks to Ozii of Ozisco.com for blessing us with the video coverage.

Here is a link to the Picture gallery. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/album.php?aid=95966&id=655377543&ref=mf

If you are interested in participating in the next event in September please contact us.
Fashion Coordinator- Kola Shobo or Tossie Long
Performance Coordinator-Nkei Oruche
Vendors and Business Advertisement- Kola Shobo

Kola of Kay S Jay Photography, Tossie of Cocoacentric & Nkei of One3snapshot

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bacchanal in Honor of Priority Africa Network

Come join us to celebrate art, fashion, community and summer. All this by the way of making change and supporting a group that is doing the hard work that we sometimes overlook.

Sunday July 26, 2009
Air Lounge
3pm-9pm 21+

Outdoor Patio
Live performers
Fashion exhibit: One3snapshot AfroStreetCouture, Béja Designs
African inspired eats & cocktails

Dj playcookie & Dj Billy T spinning Afro-pop music: zouk, sokous, ragga, reggae, dancehall, afrobeat, hiplife, hip hop, house & more

About the Event:

This event is called Bacchanal de Afrique will be taking place on Sunday July 26th 2009 (more info below), and will include a fashion showcase of clothing from one3snapshot. We will have live performers to add a festive spirit to this daytime and outdoor event. This is the first of many that we plan on producing.

Background of the Event:

We are friends, artists and community members who are collaborating for two main purposes:

1. To provide fun and creative events that are relatively cheap or free for attendees so as to draw in diverse backgrounds of people in the community.
2. To highlight a group or organization that is doing cultural and/or political work in the Bay Area.

Additionally we would like to bring awareness about social and community issues, raise money on behalf of good causes and especially have a fun time!

About Us:

Kay S Jay Photography by Kola Shobo is an emerging Photographer who liives in the Bay Area and whose works spans portraits, event coverage and product & image marketing. To view his portfolio visit www.kaysjay.com.

One3snapshot is a collective of artists dedicated to promoting art and culture by creating art, apparel & events. With a driving force rooted in social change & community mobility they produce original one of a kind hand-painted apparel, and hand-made accessories, they consult with individuals and groups on cultural and artistic endeavors, and they teach (for free or cheap) any skills or knowledge that we have to anyone interested (especially youth). Check out www.one3snapshot.com for more info.

Tossie & Latoya presents Cocoacentric an artist hub which focuses on fashion, politics, music and wellness. Cocoa is a hue...Centric is the center. Experience the center...the center of you. www.cocoacentric.com

Béja Designs specializes in unique hand crafted items including jewelry, wearable art, instruments, and more. Created by bay area native Jasmine McClain, Béja Designs embodies world cultures with an urban flavor. The products are colorful and vibrant and complement one's natural beauty.

AIR Lounge is a sub-street level lounge located in Downtown Oakland that prides itself on its showcases of respected residents alongside new talent. A thriving mix of people will effortlessly interact in this spirited scene. A relaxed, friendly vibe separates AIR from similar lounge establishments. Visit is online at www.airoakland.com.