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Friday, March 22, 2013

Chinua Achebe

Yesterday Mr Chinua Achebe, A Man of the People went to visit Chike and The River to explain How the Leopard Got his claws. As he was doing so, The Anthills of the Savannah started to bite him all over which made him No Longer at Ease. As he fought and fought, the situation only became worse and even put the boys and Girls at War. He thought he would still try to reason with them by playing The Flute, until he was struck by an Arrow of God. Achebe decided that he could not win this battle and realized this was the Trouble with Nigeria; it would always be filled with false Hopes and Impediment. He decided all he could do was walk away and watch all Things Fall Apart.

November 16, 1930 - March 22, 2013: Chinua Achebe RIP

An inspiration, motivation and a strong example that OUR stories should be told by US.

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