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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunday Best

Okay so I don't really care about competition/reality shows that are not about dancing. But BET's Sunday Best took it to the 'motherland' lol aka Lagos, Nigeria...and of course I had to watch it. I'm dying laughing yo!

First of from Kirk Franklin saying LEY-GOWS (Lagos), to the first scene of Lagos they showed being a dirty ass stadium shot. Sure they explained why it was that, but I can't help being like "damn it's like that?" Now I'm watching the contestants...generally when they do the outtakes on American Idol showing all the 'off' people...I don't find it exciting or funny 'cos I know most of it is fake! But now watching Nigerians... it's a whole different ball game. I guess 'cos it's one of those things where I'm like "I know someone JUST like that!"

(p.s. a preview of TREME comes on before that/and the BET show is based in New Orleans...omg I don't have cable but can't wait to watch TREME somewhere... like I have an incestuous love soul-deep infatuation with brass bands and second lines, and I can't believe there's a show that is made just for me. I don't know if i'd be able to deal with the drama of the show...maybe someone can make me an edited version that is just of shots of music/dance. )

p.p.s I have to say Globalization is a beeeetch. Everybody got yankee or britico accents.

and that Muyiwa guy is just doing WAAAAY too much. why he gotta talk about stuff not even related to singing...dissing people's shoes and what not! He's annoying me.

okay back to Sunday Best watch it!


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