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Monday, May 3, 2010

What to wear to the Ball

We are hosting a themed party in a few weeks... the May Fly Ball
the MAY FLY BALL house party #3
...when the Prohibition went to Harlem

Dress as though inspired by Idlewild, the Harlem Renaissance... the 1920s to the 1940s era... when prohibition was in effect and black artists were blooming.
dance party + speakeasy lounge + cinema+ Djs Cassanova, Dom Swinn, K lo K, Playcookie spinning Afro-urban, Dancehall, Hip hop, Funk, Salsa, Naija, Brazilian, Afrobeat & More

In anticipation of the party, with the help of my friend Tee, we will be doing a series of posts - similar to the visual inspiration posts done in the past to give ideas on outfits you can put together from the 1920s - 1940s era. Luckily fashion always comes back full circle so it should not be hard to put pieces together for an outfit after a trip or two to a few vintage stores and the likes of Forever21.  Here are ideas for accessories to inspire you:

From the movie Malcolm X, check out the hat and her pearl necklace.

From Amerie's photoshoot in Essence Magazine Nov. 09, check out her gloves, brooch, tights and her shoes.

This hat from Forever21 or this hat can be decorated using real or fake flower clips you can get from hair or beauty supply stores. Also there are many headbands out now that feature the feather and rhinestone accents reminiscent of the Prohibition era that will work. The idea is excess... gaudy.... flamboyant. For example if you wear pearls don't just do the single strand, long layers or tied knots would be fitting for the time.

Textured tights or thigh highs paired with a nice sheath dress in deep rich colors, or soft pinks and creams colors would create the look of the jazzy 1920's. To finish off you can't go wrong with peep-toe pumps or mary-janes.

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