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Monday, December 6, 2010

Why the hell did Janelle Monae Sign to Bad Boy?

Ever since I was in High School. Ever since Faith, Biggie, Mase, & 112 were rocking my MTV Video music screen. I've always thought that no one should be on the Bad Boy label. Yes...even then I thought that. Ever since we got confused about what dadiddypuffitypapadidi was calling himself at the moment. I thought no one should ever sign to the Bad Boy label.

Today, I hope Janelle has a trick card she's gonna be pulling out somewhere or maybe she doesn't really care about a sophomore album or a sustainable music career at all. *shrug* nehoo...

so I read this article the other day "Don't Sign With Diddy: A History of Bad Boy Fails" and I was like WHOA...someone finally wrote basically what I've known and felt strongly about all this time... Asides from missing listing "The Dream" (lol I used to jam to them "he loves me, he loves me not!")...they forgot to mention the real issue:

What bad boy artist actually DID make it and have some respectable career as a Bad Boy artist? That's the question.

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