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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Urban Arts and Design Youth Competition

My friend Christina sent me this link, and I'm loving it. Definitely want to let as many visual and graphic artists as possible know about it.
  UN-HABITAT is inviting youth worldwide to submit original artworks, digital designs and imagery envisioning their future cities. The artistic artworks will be under the theme “My Vision of an Ideal City”. The competition will showcase the diversity of future cities as envisioned by young people.
Aspects of Sustainable cities include Employment, Safety, sports, culture and public places, Social Services such as health and education, Housing, Infrastructure (water, sanitation & transportation and Environment.

The Competition is open to youth from around the world under two categories:
  • Category 1 is open to individuals aged 15-24
  • Category 2 is open to individuals aged 25-34

Four winners, two from the global north and two from the global south, will be awarded a cash prize of USD 500 each Eight runners-up will be presented with a USD250 cash prize each  
June 28 2011 is the closing date for submissions

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