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Monday, July 25, 2011

What Would the Heroine of my Summer Romance do?

I was just reading this harlequin romance novel of a woman who is as an exec of an ad/design agency that her father owns. She falls asleep on a late night at the office and dreams (time travels) herself back into the sixties to an ad agency where the women where 'horse corralled' in the typing pool; their only purpose to type and serve coffee to the men while dealing with taunts, jabs and lewd comments (being that they are subordinates) from the men. I'm not sure... because I don't watch it but I imagine it looked something like Mad Men? Anyway...the dream follows her as a love interest of the main boss of the ad agency while she 'fights' to increase the significance and relevance of the women in the ad agency.

I wonder what she would think about this ad...

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