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Saturday, November 21, 2009

c.u.r.r.e.n.t ( in this moment)

  • fruit obsession: Persimmons &; Pomegranates
  • reading: Immortal: Love Stories with a Bite. not because that's the kinda shit I pick up to read, but because I'm doing a 5 for 5 book exchange with a teen (we read/finish at least 5 books given by the other). Apparently that's all teenagers read/watch these days: poorly written stories about the undead.
  • song stuck in my head: Yori Yori by Bracket; Poison by Bill Bev Devoe; My Name by Lhasa De Sela
  • creative project: Earrings for myself & friends, Dance piece for my Pocos Locos dance class, invitation cards for a teenager's baby shower 
  • coordinating project: Loco Bloco's 2010 Blocura Gala
  • favorite place to be: on a plane away from here
  • event: the classic house party that i threw with like 10 other people last weekend; Nneka @ Cafe Du Nord (pics coming soon)
  • pet peeve: none
  • social justice outcry: ...
  • general mental state: oppressed bliss
  • random happening: walking out of the BART station in Berkeley with my friend, and getting vocally harassed by a bunch of young black boys; the weirdest thing was they almost let us go all the way through without saying anything to us (phew) but then as soon as I thought we would make it, they started out talking to us, and got exponentially louder and messy the further we got away. strange.
  • current one3snapshot tee i can't stop wearing: Charcoal gray "Frida" Tee with neck line cut off
  • social networking site: okcupid.com
  • online destructive habit: reading live EVERY live feed update on fb (i do only have 200 'real & close enough' friends)
  • all time destructive habit: orderings crafting supplies on amazon & other sites so I can feed my obsession about receiving packages in the mail
  • pics: 
these are my obssesssionnssss

one3snapshot is now available at artillery apparel gallery in the mission @24th

some gooooodd sweet potato & pear pie (that my friend made) with plain yogurt on top.: nutritious and tasty
jars of applesauce from an apple-sauce making workshop with kids & families

bye bye


Anonymous said...

LOL @kids. They had no balls whatsoever and could only make noise when you were far away enough to NOT kick their butts.

I just read an Urban book called Immortal. There were typos and misused quotes everywhere. Although the lingo was ebonics, the writing was damn horrible. I have read Sister Souljah. She writes hood and yet manages to churn out bestsellers. I was ashamed for the author. Just mortified.

Nkei said...

Well I don't know if it was about them not having balls or just a weird game they were playing, seeing that I would have been able to kick their asses anyway. There were too many of them and too little of my friend and I.

Lol. I remember reading the Coldest Winter in early high school...I don't remember if I paid attention to the writing, I was intrigued by the story told. I probably wouldn't be able to deal with it today...