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Friday, November 6, 2009


The Vietnamese restaurant down the street from my job knows me. My voice over the phone and everything. Okay so I pretty much order the same thing all the time, and before I'm done, she'll say "(my name) right?". So the other day I changed up my order. I'm like "may i get some curry chicken over rice?" she asked "what's your name?" and when I said it she was all confused, sounded stunned and was like err err. And I said. "Ha I changed it up you!" I think I threw her whole day off. Haha! That'll teach her.

Other random shit
  1. Coming soon: not that awesome Pics & Video Clips from Loco Bloco playing in San Francisco's Dia de Los Muertos Celebration in The Mission (highlights include me doing a dance inviting a police van to run me over, because I wouldn't move outta the way).
  2. I'm gonna celebrate Sadie Hawkins Day this year. Like hardcore. I'm gonna gather some other girlfriends and get it popping. Maybe next year I'll even throw a party. Holla if you down.
  3. I need a spa day.

random post. random pics

i've been on an earring making frenzy. i swear i'll be making them and not eatphckorsleep
outtakes from ZARA's flyest video shoot. that was a styling collaboration with one3snapshot & cocoacentric (yeah I styled those 'butlers')

outtakes from ZARA's flyest video shoot. that was a styling collaboration with one3snapshot & cocoacentric (ZARA herself rocking the 'You never Imagined I'd make it this far Tee'..., 'cos in a bit we won't have imagined it)

random cocktail hour, cos sometimes you should just rock your shades and sip som'n

the end,


Original Mgbeke said...

I need some YARRINGS in my life dude. Those are the business, and I kid you not.
Hah! I would love to see the video.
Everytime i look at pics of that darn cocktail, I get all thirsty...(like right now). Grrrrrr.

One3snapshot! said...

yay! i've made a few more after these ones...i need to take pics. lol i should have taken before one of them got owned by someone...
LOL. THIRSTY!! don't worry when i see you ...it'll be cocktail hour on the hour...all day every damn day.
I told you, you should institute this law at your spot...just be like COCKTAIL hour...put your sunglasses on and make everyone around do it too...and sip away!!