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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Woe to WHOA!

Why do I keep staying up until 4am roaming the internet? It's really annoying. I like being in bed by 11pm, waking up at 7am, getting a bunch of errands done, and then starting my work day. But now I find myself with so much time to get things done, and instead I stay up doing nothing on the internet. I'm actually really upset at myself and almost wanna cry right now. I've been SO freaking busy for months and finally I had a sort of 'forced vacation' and guess what I did nothing. PFFFFTTT

Here are some photos my dear friend Kola Shobo covering the International Women's Day Celebration 2010 in SF. There's some videos clips of the pieces I choreographed...somewhere but I'm too lazy to pull em out right now. So just lookie the pics...until later.

---By the way Chichi made 3 of the skirts pictured here with the Nigerian wax print ...see all I need in this creative life are my one3snapshot women...I created the performance piece, chichi makes the costumes, anneli designs all the posters and visual backdrops. BAM and that's the show!!

Peep the rest on our facebook page

I'm going to sleeep,

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Chichi said...

I see my favorite blue skirt! :)