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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Celebrating 5 years with MIMI

MIMI Magazine, my favorite online magazine is celebrating 5 years of being in existence. I can honestly say I have grown up, laughed and learned from the pages of MIMI. One of my proudest moments was reading the One3Snapshot feature. Here is to many more years of MIMI Magazine. The latest issue is a tribute to the Best Of 5 Years Of MIMI Magazine and my little toast in celebrating with MIMI is a twist off their anniversary issue - my best 5 articles from MIMI.

1) A Design to Dream: One3Snapshot! - our feature in MIMI
2) Celebrating Single Women
3) Close Call - my contributing article.
4) The Measure of Other's Opinions - There was a time when what people thought of me bothered me.
5) Cherrie on Top - I first read about the label Stoned Cherrie from this article, and since then I have silently followed her progress through various fashion weeks and season launches. If only her clothes were available stateside, my closet would be full of Stoned Cherrie pieces.

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