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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Red means Stop!

What will this post be without some snapshots from around the way? (keep reading)

Yo ma name is Nkei and I'm here to say...some'n some'n some'n errryday!! Wow. Even I'm tired of making the excuse of busy'ness being the reason I haven't said something worth anything on this blog since the winter season. Now it's almost summer and I swear I have the intent of prolonged comments on one issue or non-issue or the other.

Okay since that last time I wrote a blog...let see...what's happened?
Spring Sprung! Performances came and went, and I got less busy but not really. My one-br apt finally was able to live to it's full potential as just that. I got hella sidetracked. Made a life-right-now changing decision...got busy again. Pondered...kicked it with my bestest friends from around the country, threw a party, paraded in sf carnaval, danced my butt off and went to the beach with my friends lovers and country man. Life has been good.

But currently I'm about to go into a solo-bbatical ...a retreat with attendance of one. Lots of things need to change, lots of things need to get a push on, lots of things need to be eliminated. Some of the topics in this me-only retreat will be about things related to career, one3snapshot, food/nutrition and maintenance of lifestyle and just general topics that are for me to know and you to never find out. It will be fun, I'm sorry you can't come along, but trust me it will be good for all involved. 

I'll be prodding Chichi to update the blog more, and by the end of summer we should be out with a one3snapshot next round beta version.

I'm nervous and excited but I know it will be awesome.

Until, the next time when I gostalot to say...see ya!


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