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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Culture: Do you Need a Vacation?

The last post we had was by a guest blogger and dear friend. Who made me droooool over her recent traveling experience in Greece and Italy. She reminded me that even though it's been claimed that I travel 'alot', I don't travel enough. Haha...I'm done with some inter-continental  traveling yo! I wanna go exclusively international. My goal is to travel to at least one international location (Nigeria doesn't count) per year, and at least two (cities) outside the Bay (not counting So-Cal cities & preferably ones that I haven't been to in the past year). So yeah generally...that would be nice... No international travel for me this year...*bummer* but alas the year is not over!! Grrrrrr there's still hope...lol!

Speaking of taking vacays that don't include Nigeria as a location... I have recently been introduced to a self proclaimed toutish individual who does an interesting video blog. Basically he's just jabbering about whatever it is that he wants to...a lot of times it's funny, sometimes he spits some knowledge and a few times I'm nodding my head 'cos I can hella relate to what he's saying. Sorry for my non-Naijas probably all of it will fly over your head!

In his recent post, he talks about the importance of taking vacays and why going to Nigeria does NOT count...while tempting us with some exotic island cocktails...(he's glad I don't drink, otherwise I woulda had a major problem with his goading). In this episode he also manages to sneak in a slightly blackmailed request for a one3snapshot tee...what a tout!! Lol What's your address fox? I'll send you one k?

Two of my other favorite posts are: 1. Please Graduate Already (where he talks about the length of time it took some of us to graduate: I laughed hard on that one, count it as one that I could relate to; and his beef with people who freeload food at his parties lmao!)  & 2. A Nigerian Senator marrying a 13yr old girl...(this one made me soooo angry I cried).

Check them out!

Piece & Peaces,

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LucidLilith said...

I agree, travelling to Nigeria does NOT count as a vacation. In fact, it should be seen as another type of work...with all the wahala that comes with it. You just aint getting paid.