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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Lolliday MEGA-HUGE Sale!!

Dear one3snapshot friend, family & supporter.

We recently created a new reason to celebrate. Lolliday. What? Well basically Lolliday is a mega combination of everything that you ever liked to celebrate, wanted to but never had a chance and wished other people celebrated. So there Happy Lolliday!

To make room for the biggest Lolliday party ever we are putting EVERYTHING we have in stock on SALE!!


Happy Lolliday!! Help us clean out our closet. So we have space to create new things!

T-shirts for $10 & $5
Earrings as low as $1

Are we crazy? Possibly. But you would be also to not take advantage of this Lolliday celebration.

As if that weren't enough Take an additional 10% off all purchases with check out code LOLLIDAYSALE
Free shipping on orders $100 or more

Celebrate on www.one3snapshot.com
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