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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sale. Clearance. Sale!

Hi There,

At One3snapshot we would like to clear out our inventory so that we can make space for new creations. We are having a mega-huge clearance sale! If you've ever wanted to purchase something but thought it was out of your price range, if you've wanted to buy a gift for someone who you think may like it, if you've purchased way too many things from us and worry that we will drain your wallet if you bought one more thing.

Here's our opportunity to say THANK YOU and your chance to help us get rid of all this stuff, so we can get some more things (and then all the previous issues arise again :)

Visit http://one3snapshot.bigcartel.com/
 Help us spread the word. We're on Facebook. Please share the link on your page, tell your friends, mama, sister and cousin too!

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