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Monday, March 14, 2011

Visual Inspiration: Hand Painted Shirt Dress

I was looking through albums of some of our older work and came across this image. The story of how it was sold always brings a smile to my face mainly because it embodies the essence of One3snapshot. We were vending at SF Carnaval, and this beautiful lady who reminds me of Lalah Hathaway walks by our booth then she stops dead in her tracks when she saw this shirt-dress which Anneli hand painted hanging in our booth.

We tell her the history behind it and she totally had to have it. After bargaining down the price, she shook out every last dollar she had in her purse to get this dress. Come to find out she is an artiste! In my head I imagine she wore it to a performance and rocked the crowd because she felt super confident and sexy wearing this one of a kind dress that she alone owns to this day.

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