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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the Pencil vs. the Gun

On this past weekend the SOS Rally/March happened in Washington D.C. Lots of things were said. Lots of things happened. Below are two videos I've selected to highlight.

Okay see now the problem is. Goodness! Okay I'm glad that the people in this video are the ones who are doing it, because if that was me, there would have been some weave pulling and butt kicking. I know I know, not a good example for the kids. sigh. woosah. meditate. visualize.
If you know half of anything about me, you know that I don't joke with providing the best and equal opportunities for all! But I'll just let you watch the video.

Jose Vilson (click to visit his blog) who is one of my favorite educators and activist that keep me going from afar had this to say:

p.s. Jose you need a "Teacher  Don't Teach Me Nonsense" tee

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Jose Vilson said...

Quite possibly. (Thanks for featuring me.)