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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Response: 8 Reasons to Date a White Man

So for a while now, I've been having a back and forth with myself with a topic that keeps coming to me: A commentary on how many more wedding pictures I've peeped of Nigerian/African women marrying White men.
So far I have stayed away from it because:

  • one: sometimes it's hard for me to write about controversial issues publicly
  • two: i couldn't figure out how to write about it without it coming off all gossipy and possibly distasteful
  • three: I wasn't sure what my opinion on it per se was and if it was worth writing about
  • four: how to say enough but not be more personal than I feel comfortable being

Some things are better off discussed with people who get your idiosyncrasies, understand your sarcasm, and or get your intent without you trying to explain or defend yourself.

But THEN I messed around and happened on this article and I'm like WHOA WHOA WHOA. *pause for 10 secs*

I'll start off with saying What the Fucckkk??!!!

So let's just pretend you're one of my close friends, and you know me and how I get down. So you would understand my intent and blah blah blah. How would I respond to this if you were in a room with me?

I would say something like "I know this BITCH did not go and write some stupid ass thing like that!!"
And you would be like "N that's not professional, that not classy!"
And I would respond "Fuck that, if i see that ho walking down the street, I'll bitch slap her ass!"

8 REASONS to date a White Man!!! Are you kidding me?? This is the most poorly written, derogatory, attention-seeking-for-no-reason piece of shit I've ever read! Sure I'm not doing such a good job myself of proving her wrong by writing an intellectually sound response, but at this point I'm just not capable of doing so!

The thing that trips me out is not even the fact that I don't agree with her on the general issue: Black Women in this day have the short and splintery end of the dating stick, and probably can 'expand' our dating pool by not exclusively dating black men (not as though that matters, just 'cos you decide that you're gonna date other races, doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get 'dated by other races'). But when she writes things like "My question is what are you waiting for—a baby and no ring?" LMFAO... She's crazy!!! Black,white,orange,red,green... A man, whatever color he is, can baby you and NOT wife you. First off all "who says THAT I WANT A RING  from the particular person who has babied me.

I need to stop 'cos I might just say some more stupid things..

This fool wants to make me type in all caps (FOR THE WHOLE  POST)!

fk outta here,

p.s. (on a side note, i do dig the styling and concept of the 1st photo above though... lol)


Original Mgbeke said...

Welllllll, reading the article...she definitely hopped on some heavy generalizations and ish, but I truly think that she has a point. Okay, let's address the baby issue. Sure, any man can baby you and not wife you but it's hella prevalent amongst black women sha ooo. Okay, come and write a rebuttal let's see where you are coming from. Once again, I agree that she hella generalized but in the midst of all of that, she has quite a few very valid points.

One3snapshot! said...
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