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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Buuuuuy Chocolateeeee. One One Dollaaaaar!!

One of my kids at my job asks me if I want to buy some chocolate that she's selling.
She's a black girl about 7 years of age.

I hesitate...
for a couple of reasons.

I am supposed to be promoting healthy lifestyles and so have to role model. Of course one chocolate bar is fine once in a while, but I have to keep a clear message.
I want to know why she's selling the candy.

So I ask her.

Our convo goes as so:

"Why are you selling candy?"
"So I can win something?"
"I know, you'll win something, but why are you selling the candy?"
"So I can finish this box and get another one."
"I know...I know...but what's the candy for?"
"For my teacher, I'm gonna give her the money"
"I- never mind, well I don't have a dollar right now, I work at the ___, you know I'm broke."

On the Flipside. Here's are a few favorite shots from Bacchanal de Afrique 2 captured by Kay S Jay Photography. Hella late, but you know what they say!!

that's it



Sugarking said...

Nice blog! First time here. But abeg who's d lady in the last pic???!!!

N said...

Lol. why do I have a feeling that that's the only thing 'nice' about this blog.

Well that's a friend of mine...she's gorgeous ain't she?