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Saturday, October 31, 2009

My So Called Entourage Life

Okay so somehow I'm dreading this Halloween weekend. Not because of scary masks and bloody clothes, but because there is a lot going on. Last weekend was hectic fun. Checked out some classes from Congo week out in Oakland, 90s birthday party & Dj Mpenzi's Major @ Somar Bar.

Saturday went by to check out Muisi-kongo Malonga & Regina Califa teaching a Congolese dance workshop at Malonga. It was fire, I just watched because I slacked and went hella late, but it gave me so much satisfaction cos it was mad beautiful seeing the dancing and drumming...I think I was in a trance. And I love Regina so it made my day just watching her do what she does best. Bought some ginger juice & hibiscus from the GEENjerrrr Jooose woman and then attempted to find a place to get some ethnic mid-priced decent meal. This turned out to be more of a task than we predicted....everything half decent in a 4-5 block radius was closed. I was wanting for some Ethiopian, 'West African', Thai or Vietnamese...something with a little grease & flava. Downtown Oakland dining on a weekend = dead. I was so pissed off because I had this fantasy of like just puttering around the city discovering corners & crevices...but all I ended up with was the option of panda express, quiznos, burger king, subway or church's chicken. i won't even say what I ended up eating... I was mostly mad because I may as well have gone home and cooked or eaten at the places in my neighborhood. but i had my fantasy and by the time we had hella walked around we were so hungry we settled. i felt sick after.

Went to my friend Nic's 90s birthday party @ Cafe Amsterdam. Mehn it had been a minute since I've been out in SF, and it kinda reminded me a bit about when all my Bay Friends hadn't deserted me and move to LondonItalyEcuadorFranceJapan...and we used to 'run that town' lol. Okay saturday night was HILARIOUS, that's all I gotta say. Was kicking it with my loved folks, we went through the routine dance dance, get some greasy ass but good ass pizza at 1:30am, then why did we post up in the car watching people on the sidewalk for like 40mins making up theories about why they were there, and who they were trying to do. FUN night.

got a bunch of projects (coming soon on the website) & domestic work done. then went out again to Somar Bar for Dj Mpenzi's birthday party and mix cd release. Mehn. Okay so 90s music was the theme for the weekend...I'm dating myself, but it was bananas fun. I relived my glory days as danceslave... lol. Okay not quite but I did dance much especially when Mpenzi did what he did and threw in some African, Brazilian and Latin classic floorfillers.

All this to say...all of Monday I had the biggest migraine & eye falling out ever. I'm too old for this or something. It was fun weekend but I paid for it.

sooo I'm dreading this weekend 'cos there's a lot going on and I may just end up doing like I do and say feck it, and stay home posted up.

We'll see.

A few pics from Nic's 90s Birthday Party @ Cafe Amsterdam in SF by my dear friend Kola Shobo and one stolen from another friend.



PEACE & Chicken Grease!!!



Sugarking said...

Thats one helluva weekend!!! Keep going tho, life's too short!!!

Original Mgbeke said...

BAH! I haychuuuuuuu, dude it seems like you had an absolutely rockin' weekend. LOL @ having to settle for Burger King and 'em. ntoiiiii. Now you just made me hungry sha o.
Looove the pictures, you look fantastic, I know I know...I owe you a call. Forgive me for being such a slacker friend.

One3snapshot! said...

lol u STAY hungry!
thanks FRIEND!!

Anonymous said...

Still tryna figure out which one of the chikitos in the pics is you...