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Monday, August 9, 2010

Event: East Bay Express-Best of the Bay Party

On Friday Aug 6, 2010. The East Bay Express had it's 2010 Best of the Bay Party @ Jack London Square Waterfront. Rolled through, but didn't make it past the dance/dance battle stage. Was pretty much stuck there for hours. Had an amazing time; nice to see street dancing and also get a chance to dance and see folks from all around. Been a while.

The People battle & music set was blazing. After the battle, they had police manning the area and were playing rave music. It was kinda crazy and just a little bit fucked up...but guess what? That didn't stop folks from keeping the dance going and having a blazing time. We danced to rave music...haha it's funny see all these breakers, turfers, housers, african dancers, ballet dancers rocking out to rave music!

Just got a few shots from the evening, but mostly have video clips of people dancing and the dance battle hosted by The People Oakland and yak films. With east bay celebrity guest judges Corey from Newstyle Motherlode, Goapele and Zumbi from Zion-I. Video clips of dancing coming soon our youtube channel!

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