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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Culture: Things Trendy People Like Summer 2010

i have been having a lot of people come up to me asking for advice on different topics, one of the ones that have been occuring a lot, has been this question:

 "It's summer 2010, and I need to look trendy, but I don't know how to be. how do I do it?"

you need:

1. a blackberry (specifically one with a color not that is not black or get a colored cover)
2. host or attend a party that has RED VELVET Cupcakes (if you can't get red velvet, other cupcakes may suffice)
3. soulful house, skank, and or  jungle house music

now keep in mind that you may look at this list as hella random. Because my social sphere is such, I span posh razz Nigerian to bay area Hipster-artisty-ambiguously-ethnic folks to grungy-white-activisty types. Hella random... but somehow in this randomness, some occurring themes have come up at certain levels in all of these social scenes as far as trends go. These results are based on my scientific and thorough research (through facebook photos, blogs and passing convos (electronically & in-person)).

i assume the reason for such random social circles overlapping in trend factors is due to the chronic syndrome known as copy-copy.
copy copy is a situation where 'ethnic' folks wanna be white *ahem* posh by force, and white folks can't help but indulge & appropriate 'ethnic' culture. and well... the greedy capitalists just wanna feck us all in the butt by convincing us that we NEED the newest techie fad...

so there my friends I tell ya, to be deemed up with the times, currently you need to
  1. casually hold your blackberry  in your LEFT hand,  (see loosely but surely so it doesn't get dropped or stolen)
  2. have a prettily decorated mini cupcake in the right (preferably red velvet as it would up your posh status), 
  3. while having house music play in the background (and please for the love of God...don't attempt to dance, it will ruin your look).
until next time!