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Monday, November 22, 2010

Don't Hate Me 'Cos I'm Beautiful

No I don't think anyone is less for whatever cosmetic & grooming situation they choose. Don't yuck my yum, I won't yuck yours. Some of my best friends are lace front wig wearers & sellers. Some of my best friends love the shit outta some make up. Sometimes I love both too.

On facebook a friend posted Keri Hilson's video for Pretty Girl Rock and I was pretty excited to see it because I think Keri may be pretty interesting. Starting out I thought the general concept of the video was pretty cool: vignettes'/timeline of different popular 'black' women in history rocking pretty. But then something felt off!  And the next thing I thought like my friend T and I say "Damn Beyonce ruined it for everyone"

I say this because although she was doing she was doing impersonations of Josephine Baker, Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne, Diana Ross, Donna Summers, Janet Jackson, and TLC: Somehow these days I just see a lot of females artists and I can't shake that they are all re-styled using the same beyonce template. Because beyonce has already copied EVERYTHING and EVERYONE that can be copied. Lol.

And then I thought: Wait most women in there looks like the same kinda woman!

There are SO many iconic women... can I see some others shades & body  & hair types? 

* sad face *

the Janet & TLC were cool!

p.s looks like Keri is pretty good dancer

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Nollywood Forever said...

Hey you make a great point because I saw Beyonce about 4 times... I kinda got confused. And yes they are all the same type of woman. There were no natural black women.