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Monday, November 1, 2010

Why Should I Vote? What Should I Vote for?!!!

Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote?
How many flyers and door knocks have you received regarding who you should vote for? Wouldn't it be cool if only all the million and billions that were spent on campaigns materials and candidate promotion would be spent on the actual funding of the issues at hand? Like you know actually spent on healthcare and education rather than talking about it?

Californians, what are all these propositions about? I don't understand them because all the flyers I see just use scare tactics and dramatic quotes while yet not telling me exactly what I'm supposed to be deciding on.

Just a few

Prop 23 the BIG ONE: huge and historic battle brewing in California. If passed would suspend the California Global Warming Act of 2006 (AB 32) which requires that greenhouse gas emissions in the state be cut to 1990 levels by 2020.


Why are all the dirty gas, oil & companies companies heavily funding this proposition to pass?

Prop 25/26

Proposition 25 would reduce the votes required to pass a budget from a supermajority of two-thirds to a simple majority like most other states.

Proposition 26 would increase the legislative vote requirement from a majority to a two-thirds for new and increased state and local fees and charges. Many of California’s environmental protection programs are funded with such fees.  Opponents of Prop 26 say that it would make it even more difficult to hold polluters accountable, and to raise revenue for basic services.

Why are all the dirty gas, oil & companies companies heavily funding saying no to 25 and yes to 26?


If dirty energy companies are putting so much money into these things, will this make me think twice about how to vote on them? Especially since such companies are infamous for doing things that typically screw over people of color and erase lands and livelihoods...

For more info and graphics on energy companies & prop 23, 25 & 26...check out http://prop23.dirtyenergymoney.com/

 more questions to come, after you vote!

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