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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Web Developers vs. Web Designers

Lol. The readership of this blog will forever be a #fail because of it's infinite ability to be actively random therefore not being consistent in interest to any one reader in particular. But alas here I find myself with another blog post. Screw you...it's funny as hell!

I found an infographic. it's funny. i'm blogging it. 3 reasons:

  1. being around an infographic'er and infographic maniac appreciator has made me a little more hip to its interest and be less and less afraid of it
  2. I have friends who are geeks and to whom this topic directly applies
  3. Last night I found myself at an UBER-geek party (don't ask) and I got asked "what i do?" in the sense of "what i geek?" and i was like "ummm okay you got me...I'm fake! I'm just here for the stimulating eye-glazing conversation of things that I generally don't know wtf is about. Can i play tetris on my phone now?" (okay I didn't really say that...and shit-talking aside...I had fun...really I did!)
Moving on: ok
Surrrreeeee here at www.one3snapshot.com we do graphic design and sometimes even dibble and dabble in web design. Sure I know Java is not just coffee, Perl is not my grandma's jewelry, drupal and joomla are not new cuss words, and SONIA is not a girl that he's cheating on me with. But does that make me qualified to hang out and party with a bunch of developers and programmers?

Yes! Why? Because they have free chips & salsa...and odwalla orange juice. And i have the ability to eat & drink, and do what i do best: Talk smack!

...all this to say...this post is dedicated to the 2.5 people in my life that will appreciate this and future geekcentered posts (there are more of these people but they won't read this blog post unless I re-write it in hexadecimal and create an open-source software based on it. And what's the likelihood I'm gonna do that?)

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